Report on the exhibition and the conference of the PPPP

the portuguese prison photo project, video report, 2017

This video provides a short visual insight of the exhibition held from September to December 2017, at the Centro português de fotografia, in Porto.  

Report summary

The exhibition center
The exhibition rooms, their layout and design
Room 1 Introduction Luis Barbosa and Peter Schulthess
Room 2 Darkness and shadows – Luis Barbosa
Room 3 The details – Peter Schulthess
Room 4 Historical photography –
                        Maria José Mountinho Santos
Technical details about the exhibition
The international conference
Forthcoming activities

Book projects

Two books are currently in preparation:

  • Prisons and Culture in Portugal and Switzerland, Prisaos e cultura em Portugal e Suiza (Working title)
    The book, based on a comparative approach of the prison systems, is divided for each country in four chapters: the prison system, the performance of prisons, prisons and cultural heritage, finally prisons and photography. Furthermore, a chapter présents results of a study of visitors of the PPPP-exhibition in Porto in 2017. Coordination: Daniel Fink, University of Lausanne and Lucerne.

  • Prisons in Portugal and Europe: history, culture, photography. Proceedings of the international conference on comparative approaches, organised in Porto on 12 and 13 October 2017. Coordination: prof. Maria José Moutinho Santos, prof. Cândido da Agra and Gilda Santos. University of Porto.



Book idea

The photographers are looking for an international editor for a book with a selection of the photographs of the portuguese prison photo project.

Contact: Peter Schulthess,